We are now focused more on the preventive side and have started a program in partnership with the Nepal Heart Foundation for betterment heart-related problems in the community. We are also working with the Nepal Youth Foundation on issues related to malnutrition. Apart from the above-mentioned activities Friends’ Club has been providing Ambulance services to the local and other needy people for the past 20 years.

Annual bicycle rallies on different occasions and on the World Environment Day. Bagmati Cleaning Campaign: In the past twelve months, the Club has become an integral and active local partner of the ongoing greater Bagmati cleaning campaign. 

The Club has been conducting at least two seminars in a year regarding the role of friends club in the local community and for the development of a better society along with contemporary issues related to society. Speakers, distinguished in their areas of work are usually invited to deliver speeches that benefit the society.

The Club has been assisting the Nepal Government Health Programs such as Polio Drop Camp, Vitamin A Camp and so on. The club has also conducted Household surveys on health standards organized by Bir Hospital and Nursing Campus annually. Approximately 4000 households in Kopundole area were covered under this scheme.

The devastating earthquake of 2015 has made us realize how important safe shelters and free spaces are in all residential localities. The Club has also learned that public amenities like toilets are immensely important for a clean environment. The Club aspires to create a green recreational area, a garden, a heritage coffee shop, public toilets along the Patan side of the bridge as well as an open space and parking area in the inner square surrounded by Gurudwara and Friends Club.
A heritage coffee shop located right next to the busiest bridge in Nepal provides for an important publicity space. Recently the club has developed a public urinary space for public consumption in the different localities of the Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC).
In collaboration with LMC High-level Bagmati Sabhyata Samrakchhan Samitee, UN Park Bikash Samitee Friends’ Club is developing Garden, Children Park and Playground in the Bagmati Corridor.


  • Women’s Legal Rights.
  • Child marriage,
  • Hygiene,
  • Environmental issues
  • Child Education
  • First Aid, Family planning, AIDS control, and prevention,
  • Heart diseases
  • Painting, cooking, baking, cleaning, gardening, etc.
  • Garbage Management and recycling: Education and awareness accompanied by separation of garbage and recycling is another aim of the Club which can be emulated as a model elsewhere in the country. Rainwater harvesting will be another program, the club will be launching very soon.